Boise Relay For Life

The strongest woman I've ever known I lost at the age of twelve.  My Mother, determined to see her children grow up,  took the diagnoses of six months and turned it into six years.  You wouldn't know she was sick if she didn't tell you.  She was a warrior.  

Like most that battle Cancer there were ups and downs.  At one point we even had a remission.  Yes, I said, "we".  You see Cancer is something that we all went through.  It impacted each and every one of us.  Some impacts of the battle and ultimate loss are felt even today (30 plus years later).  

Chemo, surgeries, treatments, and what seemed like never ending doctor visits was our "normal".  A normal, that for most would be terrifying, I would gladly do again and again without hesitation if it would give me just one more minute her.  

That's why events like the Boise Relay For Life are special to me.  Some of the strongest people you will ever meet attend this event (and other like it).  Survivors, Caregivers, and families of those who have lost loved ones come together to celebrate life, remember those we've lost, and bring awareness to a disease that has and continues to take so many.  It was an honor to volunteer and be among so many heroes.