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Model Coaching

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Model Coaching

Model Coaching:

If you have recently been told by an agency that you aren’t ready “just” yet or if you are looking to head to an agency for the first time.  This coaching is for you.  This is a three day program where you will shoot and learn every day. Here are just a few of the things you will take away from this program. 

Posing - Understanding “your” body type and how your specific shape looks best on camera. 

Modeling types - There are more types of modeling than editorial.  Which one fits you best?

Lighting - Know when you step on set how to work with the light from a models perspective.  This is a huge benefit to client and photographers.  

Social Media - How to build your following and why it is important.  

Agencies - Not all agencies are created equal.  Which one is right for you and your look.  Which do you have a better chance of getting signed with?

Work - You will shoot every day and leave with at least 6 new portfolio worthy images geared specifically for your look and your target agencies.  

Movement - How to make it look effortless.  

Branding - Understanding how to brand yourself.  It’s a new world in modeling and this is an important concept to master.  

Industry myths - There are a ton of them.  Knowing what they are and how they impact you can be key.